Back to the Beginning

With everything that’s been going on I’ve been thinking a great deal about what it means to be a woman in today’s world and also what it simply means to be human.

So I went back to the beginning in search of some of the answers that it seems so many are clearly craving.

I found myself here > Studying Hebrew and reading Genesis with some fresh perspective. How profound and amazing it is. It’s pretty over my head, but I’m already completely        m i n d b l o w n after spending two solid hours just learning about the three letters that make up the word Adam. (Crazy, right? The Hebrew language is so fascinating and multi faceted) You see, to us the word Adam is simply a name that we might know to mean “man”. But when you unpack the Hebrew word you find that it’s so so much more.


There it is. (Make sure you read it from right to left!)  In just those 3 letters God spelled out exactly what mankind’s purpose and identity was meant to be.

All of the potential we had-  the power we were designed to walk in, the ability to choose, the blood and flesh nature of our being a long with the spiritual authority that elevates us above that very nature therefore setting us apart from all other living things. Our being created in His likeness. And our ultimate need for relationship with God.

It’s all there. In just 3 letters.

How astounding and empowering to see more clearly God’s great care when designing mankind. We are his greatest masterpiece. The essence of creation. His most complex and cherished piece of art. Ephesians 2:10 says that “we are his workmanship”. In the Passion translation it says “We have become his poetry”. Poetry! I love that. I love that scripture is there to tell us who we are so that we can walk in the fullness that he created us to walk in! So that we can know our value which ultimately comes from knowing Him more. And so that we can get a glimpse of the kingdom and what it means to be his children: men and women of God.

This is perhaps the most crucial thing to our existence because it gives us insight into our position in the kingdom. If we can get a glimpse of this- we can start to see the value in ourselves and in each other; in both man and woman, whom God made as counterparts to compliment one other.

Different by design, yes. But both created in His image. Both powerful. Both valued. Both immeasurably cherished. And both playing vital roles in this world.

We were never meant to experience such division. That wasn’t God’s original design. For God there’s never been a question of equality. But we live in a fallen world and the massive ripple effect from that first original sin hundreds of thousands of years ago has brought us to the place we’re in today. Still feeling the sharp pangs that started in the Garden. Still fighting a battle that we were never meant to fight.

But we have hope in Jesus who came to restore us to our rightful place. Who broke the curse of sin on our lives and rewrote our destinies so that we might gain access to our true identities in Christ all so that we might know God and therefore know who we are. The more the church can grasp this truth and lean into it, the more men and women will be able to walk in God’s original design just as He first intended. Not in competition with each other, but as complimentary counterparts united in Christ. He is our source of value. He righted the wrong when he came into our humanity and died a sinner’s death on the cross.

Because of Jesus we don’t have to go through life wondering who we are or whether or not we belong.

We do. We always have. And it’s been in the very fabric of our beings from the beginning.


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